Dining near Metrotown - Burnaby, BC

Metrotown offers a wide variety of dining establishments, including many that feature ethnic cuisine.

Asian Dining near Metrotown

Just across from the Metrotown Mall is Asakusa Sushi Japanese Restaurant. Many Burnaby residents consider this the best place in town for sushi. The prices are reasonable and the portions generous. Miso soup and sashimi are other specialities of Asakusa.

Another excellent choice for sushi is Isami Sushi. Here, customers are greeted in the traditional manner by the workers behind the sushi bar. Customers report that the servers are extraordinarily polite and helpful and that Isami provides very good value in terms of portion size.

For Indian cuisine, the Original Tandoori Kitchen comes highly recommended. Featuring homemade food including lamb tikka and shrimp pakoras, this restaurant also offers several varieties of stuffed naan, and of course, chicken cooked in an authentic tandoor oven. The Original Tandoori Kitchen has two locations in Vancouver, including one near Metrotown.

New World Cuisine

One of the more creative restaurants in the area is Kiss Yo Mama, an establishment on Imperial Street offering Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine. Unusual dishes such as oxtail are on the menu here, as well as more familiar ones such as chicken curry -- though the Jamaican version of the dish will surprise those who have only eaten Indian curries before. Specialties include jerk chicken and fruit punch, which customers report as very tasty, with chunks of real fruit in every glass.

Café Dining

The Cactus Club Cafe is praised for the beauty of its servers, the wonderful view bar seats have, and the "gold standard" quality of food and wine alike. The menu at the Cactus Club is inspired by cuisine around the world and features innovative combinations such as butternut squash ravioli and barbecue pork lettuce wraps.

Georgio's Cafe & Pizzeria is much more informal, offering sandwiches, gelato, and coffee as well as traditional pizza dishes. Located across the street from Burnaby South Elementary School, Georgio's runs lunch specials each weekday.

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