Shopping near Metrotown Burnaby, BC

For shopaholics, traveling is just an excuse to expand the inventory of their bursting closets. When visiting Metrotown, Burnaby, you do not have to give up this vice. There are plenty of local shopping options to choose from, whether you are obsessed with clothes, shoes, or knickknacks. Within just a few blocks of each other, you will find the Crystal Mall, the Old Orchard Mall, and the Metropolis-at-Metrotown Mall.

The Crystal Mall was opened in 2000 at the corner of Kingsway and Willingdon Avenue, which makes it easy to get to from any direction. The mall was designed to be circular so while inside, you will literally be surrounded by stores. The entrance is framed by several Roman columns and there is a statue of the Greek goddess Dawn. It is the largest Asian shopping center in Burnaby. It features over 200 businesses, including dentists, acupuncturists, and a whole slew of retail stores. The mall also hosts various activities for all ages and tastes.

The Old Orchard Mall is part of the Metrotown Centre Mall, the one of the oldest malls in the area. Two and a half blocks from the Metropolis at Metrotown Mall and across the street from the Crystal Mall, this shopping center features an IGA supermarket, a 24 hour drugstore, a walk-in clinic, as well as many stores. This is a good choice for the casual shopping or someone trying to kill time between activities.

The Metropolis-at-Metrotown Mall is the largest shopping center in all of British Columbia. There are 450 businesses contained in this complex including restaurants, theaters, shopping. This mall offers so many different stores to choose from including clothes, electronics, jewelry, and home decor. There is also many fun activities like Cirque du Soleil performances, singing competitions, and art displays.

While in Metrotown, you will have plenty of options. If all the stores in every mall were added together with the shops of Kingsway, you would find almost 1000 places to choose from. From supercenters to multi-store mall, you will never run out of places to explore.

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