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Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier

There are 438 guestrooms at Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier.

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Welcome to Stanley Park Hotels

Stanley Park, VancouverWelcome to Stanley Park Hotels! We are your premier source for hotel reservation services in and around Stanley Park. We offer discounted rates and availability at over 71 hotels. Our selection of hotels range from 2 star to 4 star, with all amenities available. All discount membership cards are accepted and loyalty point programs maybe used on yourStanley Park Hotels.

About Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a 1,000 acre park located in Vancouver. It is a major tourist attraction, particularly for those who enjoy nature walks and the outdoors. Hemlock and cedar trees are abundant in the area, and the park is located along the coast. Stanley Park opened in 1888, and it was named for Lord Stanley of Preston, a former Canadian Governor-General.

Sports and Recreation
Many visitors enjoy boating activities in Stanley Park, especially yachting and rowing. The Vancouver Rowing Club and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club provide these relaxing activities. In addition to water sports, cricket, tennis and golf are also popular sports in the park.

Seawall, a scenic walking route, is popular with park visitors. Visitors enjoy biking, inline skating, or simply walking along the route. Seawall winds along the waterfront, and it is more than thirteen miles long. It provides an easily accessible route to both Coal Harbour and Kitsilano Beach.

Family-Friendly Activities
Stanley Park has a variety of attractions for families, especially families with small children. The park has several picnic locations. These sites are often used for family reunions, birthday parties, and other special occasions. Families and groups also enjoy visiting the Vancouver Aquarium. Visitors view the beautiful wildlife and animals.

The Variety Kids Water Park is also located in the area. The water park is a series of canons, geysers, and water sprays, and it features ankle-deep water, which makes it more accessible for children.

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