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Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier

There are 438 guestrooms at Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier.

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Vancouver DowntownWelcome to Vancouver Downtown Hotels! We are your premier source for hotel reservation services in and around Vancouver Downtown. We offer discounted rates and availability at over 71 hotels. Our selection of hotels range from 2 star to 4 star, with all amenities available. All discount membership cards are accepted and loyalty point programs maybe used on yourVancouver Downtown Hotels.

About Vancouver, British Columbia

With a diverse culture, a mild climate, and a geographic locale that makes the city a world-renowned center of food and entertainment, the city of Vancouver, British Columbia is a glorious vacation destination. Located just above the northwestern edge of the United States, Vancouver is a short plane ride away for the millions of folks living west of the Rocky Mountains. Here is some information that should improve your visit.

A few attractions are not to be missed, and truly encapsulate the aura of Vancouver. The Vancouver Lookout is a flying saucer shaped building perched atop the much larger Harbor Centre building. Visitors to the lookout can take in a clear 360-degree eyeful of the city of Vancouver, which is truly breathtaking, night or day. The Vancouver Maritime Museum is the perfect stop to soak up the rich naval history of the city, and be awed by painstakingly detailed recreations of noteworthy vessels from many eras.

With a population of over a half of a million people, Vancouver boasts the 3rd largest metropolis area in all of Canada. Since its official founding in 1886, the city has merged its calm coastal identity with its bustling commerce and architecturally brilliant skyline. Once the sun goes down, the downtown cityscape transforms into a glittering celebration of the plight of mankind. Live theatre, fresh seafood, and a vivacious night scene await the traveler anxious to break free of their normal routine.

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